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Heavy kite lines in different editions

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Kite lines Vector Quad Pro 270 kg

VEKTOR lines are designed especially for precision control in all kite disciplines. Kite lines are the only connection between you and your kite and can decide if your kite is good or excellent. VEKTOR lines are slim, smooth and have a minimal stretch.

VEKTOR lines are produced with Dyneema®. Surprisingly, this high-performance polyethylene fiber is 15 times stronger then steel.

VEKTOR leashes are especially smooth. Leinen sind besonders glatt. This minimizes the risk of a leash fracture.

VEKTOR lines are not only extremely strong. They are protected very good against weather and related factors. The special coating protects against UV light, temperature, sand, salt and water. Furthermore, the lines resist excellently against abrasion and kinks.
VEKTOR lines are pre-stretched. The minimal stretch of the VEKTOR lines supports an exact response of the kites and leads to improved control. Thanks to the high breaking load, VEKTOR lines can be thinner. With the minimized wind resistance, you can fly your kite at weaker winds as well.

VEKTOR lines can be used out of the box. The lines are of the same length and pre-stretched.

VEKTOR Color Pro, Quad Pro and Precision series are made with stitched loops. Stitching guarantees the strongest possible connection. The smooth connections reduce the chance of line tangles.

Color code. After manufacturing, the lines are colored and PU coated. Besides the maximum protection you will see on a first glance which line belongs where.

There are several editions of VEKTOR lines:
VEKTOR Pro Color


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