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New freestyle harness with a lean cut outline

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ION Madtrixx Kite Waist 2011

New freestyle harness with a lean cut outline and a neoprene inside airbag. Thanks to the elastic cutaways at the rear part of the harness provides a maximum of flexibility. The new contour form with Wrap Tec guarantees a perfect fit.

Fitting attributes:
  • Hip Protection
    The double layer foam padding protects the bones and all unprotected parts in this area, especially if the body is flexed to the side.
  • Cross Link Webbing
    Usually, the belt ends somewhere behind the buckle. A belt without cease along the rear side of the harness guarantees a better load balancing.
  • Internal Flex Belt
    Flexible hip belt. Backs a safe, straight and comfortable seat of the harness.
  • Handle Pass Leash Slider
    A small ring of metal can slip the leash along the back of the harness and makes handle pass tricks easier.
  • Push Button Spreader Bar
    The push button supports the quick assembly of the harness. There is no need to assemble all velcro strips at the buckle. Simply close the metal ring in the spreader bar, adjust the belt and - here we go!
  • Belt Garage
    Prevents from loose tottering of the belt.
  • Protection Pads
    A solid, neoprene padded board that keeps the harness hook away from the body.
  • Contour shape
    preformed construction
  • Elasto Tec
    Flexible cutaways in hip harness care for a maximum of flexibility in the rear part of the harness.
  • Soft edges 
  • Support Cushion
  • Twister
  • Wrap Tech
    preformed construction of the harness that better fits the body.

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