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Built for fantastic kite sessions

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Liquid Force Havoc

Producing sessions that dreams are made of is what the Havoc is all about. Over the years the Havoc has been a kite synonymous with speed, stability and versatility; the fifth generation differs none. The Havoc offers smooth, deliberate power and responsive direct turning that makes it a natural choice for everything from progressive freestyle and wake style to fast action wave riding. Lightning quick turning and smooth lift make this kite the answer for massive air, fast controlled loops and predictable placement in the wind window. 

  • 100% Depower CPR Control System Equipped
  • Max Flow Inflation System
  • Superior Quality Canopy Material
  • Reinforced Leading Edge Structure
  • Bridle System USB 2.0
  • Diamond Wingtip
  • Angled Jet Struts
Purchased parts package:
  • Kite
  • Backpack
  • Pump
  • CPR Control System

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Attribute Value
Included in delivery: kite, bag, CPR control system, pump
Area of Application: Progressive Freestyle, Wakestyle

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