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The sports version of the GT

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Core Kiteboarding GTS - Kite only

Two years after the introduction of the legendary GT, CORE launches the fastest and most sporty kite ever built. The legendary all-rounder with extra strength in Freestyle, New School and Wave: the new GTS.
The new CORE GTS has all the strengths of an ALL-IN-ONE kite, additionally, the CORE team gave him some more radical genes. The result is a delta design with radical c-kite attributes for kite loops, unhooked tricks and the most direct feeling for the bar. By more c-shape, the GTS gets a precise traction. Besides the all-rounder attributes, the GTS additionally addresses freestyle and new school kiters, hooked and unhooked, that want to give the kite a more aggressive ride. Especially surfers will have fun due to the perfect traction in a depowered state.
Due to the very direct bar feeling and the very explosive strength, the GTS gets an enormous potental for highest jump power in average and higher flurries.
Proven CORE Technology
  • CORE Kites are well known for their highest quality material. Only assorted draperies are used.
  • Only CORE exclusively produces tube kites and guarantees a continuous high quality.
  • All leaches and rolls at the kites are "Made in Germany".
  • The flight leaches of the CORE ESP control bar have a breaking load of 368 kg each at only 1.8 mm in diameter. They are especially user friendly at laying-up.
  • The GTS has got a new one pump system: The tube is streamlined and service friendly tight to the drapery.
    "Straight Segment Powersteering Tip" (SSP) supports the immediate steering command: The straight segment between the tie of the steering leash and the rear balance leash converts steering impulses without any energy loss.
  • Unhooked, the GTS is as stable as a traditional c-kite. The wave lover will appreciate the agility directness.
    Another new feature is the „CORE Intelligent Trim System“ (CIT). Using it, the kiter can adjust the bar response and the rotational speed individually. The rotational speed can be adapted from easy handling to super agile. The bar response can be simply set from soft to heavy.
    Pressureless blow out at the virtual fifth leash and the inimitable 100% self rotating ESP bar guarantee a high security level.
Purchased parts package:
  • Kite-only, incl. kite backpack
  • RepairKitPro

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Attribute Value
Included in delivery: kite, backpack, repair kit
Area of Application: Allround

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