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The most used board for wakestyle and freeride

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Naish Momentum 2011 - Glass Fins

Momentum, thanks to its soft edges supports balanced power, simple control, consistent sliding and unlimited performance potential. After its introduction in the last year, Momentum became the most popular board in the Naish range.

Although the momentum originally was build for wake style riders, it became one of the leading free ride boards in the mean time. With it's big surface, the pronounced rocker and excellent flex this board offers effortless gliding, soft landings and a smooth ride even in heavy seas.

With its radical and smooth performance, the massive free style pop and the outstanding control (that even makes the most difficult moves to a child's play), Momentum is your chance to reach the next skill level. Looking for a free ride board with top performance? Momentum is made for you!

Momentum Park is new in 2011. The 138 Park was introduced to meet the needs of boots style riders and those to want to have a bit more of surface. The 138 Park has more reinforcements for increased durability when riding in the wake park and additional stiffness for explosive load and pop. Momentum Park has everything it needs to screw your skills to the next level.

  • Momentum Park 138:
    More reinforcements for rides in the wake park and additional stiffness for exploding load and pop. The ideal light weight board for riders over 100 kg.
  • Fusion foot-strap binding system:
    preformed footbed with non-slip grip texture for incredible grip and increased padding and super comfortable shock absorbers and carbon footpad plate.
  • carbon grab handle for easy handling at board-off maneuvers.
  • kite fins size 5'' of G10 material
  • Kite board
  • Fusion pads + straps
  • Glass fins
  • Carbon handle

130 x 40 / 132 x 41 / 134 x 42 / 138 x 43


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