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Designed in association with Dutch wave-guru Ruud Overwater, who has put over 6 years of wave riding experience into this board

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Flyboards Flywave 2010

The Shape and Characteristic:

All new for 2010 is the addition of the FlyWave S to the Flyboards range. Designed in association with Dutch wave-guru Ruud Overwater, who has put over 6 years of wave riding experience into this board. The FlyWave S is a mutant style board for the rider who wants to ride the waves powerful with a board that has a surf feeling, but still wants to keep the advantages of a twin tip and is very easy to ride. The FlyWave S works really well in choppy and short waves (big or small), when traditional surfboards are very uncomfortable. Flip nose and -tail are integrated in the FlyWave S, creating a board that is very resistant to spray and is not prone to dive into a wave. The FlyWave has a 6cm tri-fin setup on the tail and two smaller fins at the nose, this way the board can still be ridden in both directions. The full wood core gives the FlyWave S extreme durability; kite loops can now be performed without worries!


The Scoop-Rocker line of the FlyWave is self adjusting from under- to overpowered conditions in parts of a second.

Mutant Shape:

With a pronounced riding feeling towards one side, due to the outline combined with the tri-fin setup the FlyWave S gives superb grip in the waves. But still can be ridden in each direction, no jibing necessary! The flat bottom creates a board that is fast and easy to ride, while the Flip nose and –tail give the FlyWave S comfort and control in waves and choppy conditions.

The Construction:

The core of the FlyWave S is made out of light, but super durable Paulownia wood. Since Flyboards integrated this core material, broken boards have been a thing of the past.
The inserts are double reinforced. Thin ABS rails and tips made out of polyethylene are used to protect the board and to increase the flex in the tips. Flyboards use a 3 Dimensional construction, to be able to add the flex to the sides of the tips instead of only the whole tip. The weight of the FlyWave S will surprise you; it weighs almost the same as a FlyRadical M, giving you an even more enjoyable session on and off the water!

With 18 inserts your optimum stance can always be created, whether it will be goofy, regular, straight or wide stance.

  • Size: 145x39 cm
  • Weight: 3,06 kg
  • Stance: 56cm - 60 cm
  • Wood/Foam Core
  • 3x 6cm G10
    2x 4,5cm G10


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