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Freestyle und Freeride Board

Art.No.: 1302

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Cabrinha Caliber 2011 - Board only

Caliber means business with Freestyle and Freeride. If you want to kite fast and hard Caliber is for you!

Caliber has a more flat rocker line than Custom that makes it firm and agile. It accelerates very quickly and keeps the speed even through wind holes. The outline of Caliber and the flex gradient will bring you hardest pop during the jump no matter if you go hooked or unhooked. The quad concave underwater hull gives you a maximum grip at strong wind and in choppy water.
Fitting attributes:
  • a new unidirectional carbon layer for a strong pop and quick response
  • different 3D top sheet design by size for more constant flex and pop
  • a digitally printed surface with metallic effect: a digitally printed basis for longer life period
  • 24‘‘ (61 cm) / 26‘‘ (66 cm) / 28‘‘ (71 cm) stand option
Purchased parts package:

All boards are delivered with fins, fin screws and grab handle (+ screws).


127 x 38
130 x 40
133 x 41
136 x 42
139 x 43


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