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Kite SPLEENE SP-X 2010

Kite SPLEENE SP-X 2010

The ultimate c-kite feeling

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Spleene SP-X 2010 - Kite only

No matter if new school, hang time, wave or free ride: the SP-X is a real all-terrain kite. Dead easy handling as well as easy control and bar forces manage never-ending session. The powerful lift will take you to new heights. An extremely quick and easy start on water gives you the security to try out new things.
Speaking of security: the kite has an outstanding depower behavior and uses an enormous big wind area.  The depower behaves linear over the entire path. Thus you know at every time where the kite is in the wind.
People love to talk about c kite feeling, the SP-X has got it definitely. But it is to ride much easier and more power saving. It is manufactured with the best materials only countless Kevlar enforcements in the stress zones. Spleen especially took care that the kite is light weight and agile. By the usual reliable one point inflation system by Spleen the kite can quickly be assembled or de-assembled. Check it and get the new feeling!

  • unbeatable wind range
  • awesome unhooked performance
  • massive vertical boost
  • foolproof water relaunch
  • one point inflation system
  • 4-line setup
Delivery: SP-X Kite only & Bag


Reference note: If you are interested you can purchase this product at

Attribute Value
Area of Application: All-terrain
Included in delivery: kite, bag

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