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Proven quality in a new design

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Liquid Force Transit Boot 2010

  • IP Chassis… New for 2010!
    Reliable, hassle-free adjustment… Angle Locks hold strong and allow for easier stance adjustment than ever before.
  • Liquid Fit™ Technology
    No heat molding necessary. Exclusive blend of ultralight foam that forms to your foot after a few rides. Mold your boots to your riding stance rather than a relaxed position in a shop.
  • Pillow Top Liner
    Extra soft padding where you need it most. Eliminates shin and calf discomfort from those marathon sessions.
  • EZ Glide Lacing
    Specially designed laces and lace loops work together to lock you in and let you out of the boot quickly and easily.
  • LF Exclusive, Full Stretch Comfort Gusset
    Allows for easy entry without utilizing any mechanical pieces and eliminates pressure points over the top of any foot. Makes every boot feel like it’s been custom fit to your foot.
  • Perfect-Fit Design (5-7, 7-8, 8-9, 9-10, 10-11, 11-12, 12-13)
    Available in a wide range of sizes to find the perfect fitting boot for your foot.

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