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O'Brien Vice & Vice CT Boot 2010 in a SET

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O'Brien Vice & Vice CT Boot 2010

Vice by Josh Sanders is called the breakwater of the O'Brien series because it has the width and the progressive rocker for huge heights and a long center spine for soft landings.
The Crook fins do not limit the speed of the board and give him stability and absolute edge control no matter how aggressive you tilt it.
The DELTA base makes it even faster. Thus, you can ride longer runs and fly even higher.
The Vice Pro binding is not only a close-toe boot in a very fancy style. The aim was, to integrate the comfort of regular boots into a wake board binding, to stay lightweight and to reach a perfect performance at the water.

The wake board binding keeps it's size, doesn't ease off in a time and fits like a perfect shoe. The ergonomic and absorbing insole provides soft landings.


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