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The CrossRide Kite

Art.No.: 1209

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Core Kiteboarding Riot XR - Kite only

The explosive and harmonious power of the RIOT XR with a massive hang time on demand attracts immediate attraction.

Thanks to the newly developed profile efficiency, the scope of application expanded immediately: high end (up to five more knots) with much more control in the threshold range at identical attributes at the low end. Due to the small resistance and the nearly completely reduced cross force, RIOT XR could improve the attributes for a very good upwind. In light wind, the already good starting operation due to the new auto relaunch has additionally been optimized by the wider tips.

Free ride was never so comfortable before.

  • Kite only
  • Kite Backpack
  • RepairKitPro

Reference note: If you are interested you can purchase this product at

Attribute Value
Included in delivery: kite, backpack, repair kit
Area of Application: Freeride

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