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Stylish sun glasses

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Triggernaut Agent Orange

What did orange agents and brown sugar together? Probably nothing except that you may get two stylish glass modells with the same name at Triggernaut. Agent Orange and Brown Sugar are two well designed sun glasses for men and women that know what they want. You may purchase the glasses in classic black or dark brown. The insides of the glasses have a different color then the outside which makes a great accent while wearing them. The frames of the glasses are made of polyamide. Shatter-free plycarbonate lenses provide a maximum of security even in the urban jungle. Agent Orange and Brown Sugar are suitable for normal sized heads.
The plastic glasses are cold-elastic and offer a 100% UV-A and UV-B protection. The glasses meet the C ¤ standard for sunglasses for general use, the European Standard (EN 1836) and the ANSI standard (Z80.3) for breaking strength, visual accuracy and color matching as well as the strict Australian / New Zealand Standard AS ( NZS1067). All Triggernaut glasses are roadworthy. All colors (light colors) of course are displayed.
All Triggernaut glasses of the style series will be delivered in a stylish case and a micro fiber soft bag.


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